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Kaarle XIII Ojanen Club

Kaarle XIII Ojanen Club

Chess Clubs Founded: Feb 2, 2010
Members: 61
My first words. This is a club to all international amateur chess palyers. "The course of Kaarle Ojanen’s life is the tale of a young Finnish man who gave his best years to the war. Contemporaneous with Finnish independence, his story reflects the country’s history and the events in world politics that have shaped the fate of our land. Kaarle Ojanen dynamically embraced the values of his time, pursuing a significant career in both chess and working life. Elite chess and the hegemony of the Soviet School formed the background to Ojanen’s career." Please check out forum topic "Kaarle Ojanen" for more information.


  • Online Sep 24, 2017

    Ari Ruotsalainen | Internet, Finland

    Joined Club: Feb 2, 2010


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