19 hrs ago
Congrats to @Ogflump for clinching the deciding game in the Devon match. Also, well done to all in the Connacht match, as we are past the winning post for that one. We just have to carry the momentum through to the Channel Islands match now.
1 day ago
Good morning all, as you can see from the link above, the latest under 1600 is now open for registration. The match starts 28 June.
1 day ago
Evening all, I've just sent the challenge for Round 3 of the under 1600 competition. It'll be a case of deja vue I'm afraid since we are due to play the Channel Islands (again). Those under 1600, please do sign up once the challenge is accepted. Thanks, Mark
3 days ago
If you are a member of team England, please sign up for the big match against Russia
4 days ago
Well done, lets continue our winning ways.
Analysis of Rochester (Minnesota) match games - 24 April 2021

Analysis of Rochester (Minnesota) match games - 24 Apri...

TheAuditer | Apr 18, 2021
Hello all, I've already posted this in our main chat, but it might sit better here... Some of you played in the recent friendly match against Rochester (Minnesota, US) chess club, which we narrowly won. I was contacted by my own opponent in that match (Rubus) to say that they are holding a match game analysis event next Saturday, to which we are invited (by Zoom). They have posted details here: The event will apparently feature 1-2 master level players an...
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