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Oct 29, 2015
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This group is for those interested in playing Khet, a game similar to chess but with lasers. Pieces are destroyed by being hit with a laser beam, the objective being to destroy the opponent's Pharoah. Most of the pieces are mirrors that you can both move and rotate to change the laser's course. Unlike chess, you have two threats: not only your opponent but also yourself. You can take out your own pieces; you can even kill your own Pharoah. Khet is also most commonly a physical board game but there is a PC version that you can download on Steam. I'm not associated with BlueLine Games; I just feel that this is an amazing game and wish to have more online opponents, and that it deserves much more attention. It isn't free, unfortunately, but reasonably priced and very well worth it. Don't believe me? Read the reviews and watch the trailer. Post your steam username, and we can add you. Mine is b4bis91 so add me too. Trust me, you'll love it!