LOTR Chess Team

241 Members
Mar 24, 2022
153 Events Played

Three clubs for the Grandmasters under the sky,

Seven for the Blitz Players with their clocks and boards,

Nine for the Competitors, ready to vie,

One for the Tournament Player, with his many awards,

In LOTR Chess Team where the winners play.

One club to find them all, One club invites them,

One club to gain them all, and this club refines them

In LOTR Chess Team where the winners play

A Chess adaptation of the Ring Poem by J.R.R. Tolkien by @Tar-Aragorn_XIV


LOTR Chess Team is an active, growing club with constant (But not overwhelming) Vote Chess and Daily Matches. We are currently in the top 2300 in Daily Matches, and top 500 in Vote Chess. All we can promise you is a good time, good games, and active participation. If this sounds good, please join our growing band of Chess Warriors and Elites!