17 days ago
Im up for the friendlies!
22 days ago
I'd say yes to the friendlies since worst case scenario we can choose not to play if there's already too many games for us.
22 days ago
On another note, would there be interest in playing friendly matches also? We just received a friendly match challenge (same daily time control terms), but I'd prefer to understand interest before committing to friendlies also. Our League commitment is one match per month. Thoughts?
22 days ago
Hi everyone! Just a reminder our League match starts on Wednesday, July 14. There's still two open slots on the match roster (possibly more if our opponents field more). It's setting up for a fun match! Join here:
24 days ago
Thank you for letting me aboard!
School's Out! 2021 Tournament

School's Out! 2021 Tournament

searcoid | May 28, 2021
Starting June 14, 2021, the School's Out! 2021 tournament is open to all members of the Maine Chess community. Scholastic (K-12) players: Prizes! First: 1 year Platinum Membership to 2nd & 3rd: 1 month Platinum Membership to Adults - No prizes. Just do your best to give these kids a bunch of tough games! Time Control is 3 days per move.
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