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Apr 23, 2020
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Welcome to Maya Chiburdanidze’s Club! happy.png draw.png

platinum.png Maya Chiburdanidze is the 6th Women's World Chess Champion. She became World Champion when she was only 17 and has won this title 5 times (1978-1991) in total! wink.png Also she is the winner of 9 Chess Olympiads and the owner of 4 Chess Oscars trophies.png tournaments.png gold.png platinum.png

Maya Chiburdanidze runs this online Club and also FIDE Endorsed “Chess Queen Academy” which is located in Tbilisi, Georgia thumbup.png happy.png

But the Academy conducts online lessons too.

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live.png We organize weekly online tournaments (with or without prize fund and souvenirs) for one of these categories:

votechess.png For all levels from beginner to GM

votechess.png For different age groups

votechess.png For different rating categories

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