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Nigerian Chess Players

Nigerian Chess Players

United Kingdom Founded: May 24, 2010
Members: 222
This is a new team formed to showcase the chess prowess of Nigerians in the Chess.com. It is for all true Nigerians and people of Nigerian descent, members NOT from this country will be removed. If you already fly a different country's flag then you would have to prove that you are of Nigerian descent . The aim of this group is to do battle with other groups in fierce team competitions so we will constantly seek out strong opponents to achieve our goals.This team is a complimentary one to Team Nigeria and is not meant to rival it.


  • Online 2 days ago

    Emma Ologeh | Lagos, Nigeria

    Joined Club: Jun 15, 2011

  • Online 23 hrs ago

    Obua Chukwuma | Port Harcourt City, Nigeria

    Joined Club: May 24, 2010

  • Online 9 hrs ago

    Clement Akang | Lagos, Nigeria

    Joined Club: Aug 19, 2010

  • Online 1 hr ago

    Timi Adebayo | Lagos, Nigeria

    Joined Club: Sep 9, 2010

  • Online 7 days ago

    Victor Odunaiya | Lagos, Nigeria

    Joined Club: May 24, 2010

  • Online 17 hrs ago

    Chinedu Emelife | Port Harcourt, Nigeria

    Joined Club: Jul 8, 2011


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