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Northern Hammers

Northern Hammers

Founded: Jun 15, 2010
Members: 7
Team for the upcoming "Canadian Team Championship." Everyone in Team Canada is encouraged to join and form a team. This promises to be a well-balanced competition with every team having the same number of players and rating limit. Rules Eligibility: Open to all members of Team Canada. Team Composition: Team must have 6 players with an average rating under 1800 upon registration. No alternates and no substitution of players after the 1st round. Same 6 players will play in every round throughout the tournament. Type: 6-round swiss system. Round starts 1st day of every month from July to December 2010. Scoring: Cumulative scoring. Scores on all boards will be added up. Maximum score of 12 points per round. (12 wins, 0 loss) To register, just send a link of your team in this forum. Any team name is acceptable.


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    G McAdam | Calgary, Canada

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