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Ochman's Study Group

Ochman's Study Group

Founded: Aug 31, 2012
Members: 2,540

You are invited to a new kind of chess learning experience at Ochman's study group. 

The group is instructed by international chess coach Phil Ochman, author of "The Process of Decision Making in Chess" books series.

New members participate in an online group lesson free! 

We have a YouTube channel with tons of chess lectures on all subjects. 

We work together to solve strategical practice positions, in an original approach based on understanding the goals of each position.

Join us now to enjoy and benefit from our chess resources and warm hospitality. 




  • Online 23 days ago

    Phil Ochman | Israel

    Joined Club: Aug 31, 2012

  • Online 1 day ago

    Nimi | Tiraspol, Moldova

    Joined Club: Aug 31, 2012


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