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Old Dogs

Old Dogs

Founded: Mar 12, 2013
Member: 1
I'm forming this group because I've been playing chess recreationally for 35 or so years, and I've never improved. So here's the requirements for group membership, and goals of the group as a while. Requirement 1 - Must be over 45 years old. Requirement 2 - Must be rated on online chess between 1250 and 1400. Requirement 3 - Must be committed to raising your online rating 100 points by 9/30/2013. Requirement 4 - Must participate in group discussions of your games moves, be able to accept critical feedback. Requirement 5 - Must post a learning plan through 9/30/2013 and discuss your progress at least weekly.


  • Online Apr 29, 2015

    Surfside Beach, SC, United States

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