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On Her Majestys Secret  Service (HMSS)

On Her Majestys Secret Service (HMSS)

Founded: Oct 21, 2010
Members: 129
Have you ever dreamt of being like James Bond? A secret agent, under cover, on exciting missions around the world? Ever seen a spy movie and thought that’s a cool job? Wished you did that instead of what ever it is you do! Well welcome to HMSS, become a spy for us, no matter where in the world you are from. we need agents in all the lands. We don’t care of your rating. We just expect you to have fun. We have puzzles boards here you can use to help you learn. And every member of HMSS is a friend and will be able to advise you in your game play if you ever need to ask. Come; join us in this exciting new adventure. Become an agent for HMSS. WE NEED YOU!!!! Any teams that would to challenge us. please state what team you would like to play against. We are in 3 groups Blue Team rating 1600 to 2000 Red Team rating1300 to 1599 Yellow Team rating 000 to 1299. please name your challenge followed by the colour team you want to take on. and good luck =)


  • Online 5 hrs ago

    jonny evans | oslo, Norway

    Joined Club: Oct 21, 2010

  • Online 1 hr ago

    Brian Stockham | Sussex, England

    Joined Club: Apr 14, 2011

  • Online 20 hrs ago

    Craig White | Proud to be from......., Scotland

    Joined Club: Oct 21, 2010

  • Online 16 hrs ago

    john | sheerness, England

    Joined Club: Dec 3, 2010

  • Online 12 hrs ago

    E. Lund | Oslo, Norway

    Joined Club: Jan 6, 2014

  • Online Aug 30, 2017

    You really want to know?, United States

    Joined Club: Oct 28, 2010

  • Online Dec 3, 2016

    Joe Fagan | geneva, new york, United States

    Joined Club: May 30, 2011


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