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Riddick And The Necromongers: Man vs Empire

Riddick And The Necromongers: Man vs Empire

Furya, Founded: Mar 5, 2013
Members: 106
Within the canon of the series, he is shown to be a highly skilled individual - he is extremely mobile especially for someone of his size, has a vast knowledge of how to kill almost any humanoid in a variety of ways, is a survivalist, and is extremely hard to contain. He is also a dangerous convict and murderer - yet despite this, he is sometimes shown to perform moral or even atypically heroic actions, usually against his better judgement.Having conquered the Underverse Riddick is now on a mission to beat the best that Chess.com has to offer. Join us as we play stunning chess in fantastic matches,making new friends,all the while. We bow to no man! Are you with me!?


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