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Scorpion_Bite Super Assassins

Scorpion_Bite Super Assassins

This Team is CHESS HEAVEN! Founded: Aug 24, 2010
Members: 177
ALL 2000+ Chess Players are REQUESTED to PLEASE Apply! This is the Premiere 2000>>> and above club! We only seek the BEST of the BEST to become "SUPER ASSASSINS"! So naturally, when I thought of "TOP QUALITY" chess players, I thought of you . GREAT 2000+ rated Chess Players like "YOU", will be the foundation, that this "SUPER-GROUP" will be built upon! It would be both a privilege and an HONOR to have you join this new "Super-Group" of TOP NOTCH chess players! Looking forward to your participation with great anticipation and relish! Thanking you in advance, Team Adm. "FRED"


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