Seattle Chess Meetup

Mar 13, 2012
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Anyone interested in OTB tournament chess, the Washington Class Championship is coming up during Thanksgiving weekend at the Bellevue Hilton hotel. More info here
19 days ago
If you want to host a meetup I can set you up as an event organizer at Shoot me a message there.
19 days ago
New player out in Ballard
Sep 29, 2021
Chess tonight at 6pm at Rabbit Hole in Belltown Seattle, any are invited.
New Match

New Match

mattchess | Jan 18, 2021
We were challenged to a match by Napa Valley Chess Club - Hope we can muster four or more players!
Seattle Chess Meetup Tournament

Seattle Chess Meetup Tournament

mattchess | Apr 15, 2014
Just a reminder that an invite went out to group members for a new tournament.  Six players are registered so far of a possible 12.  There will be two rounds, with three players advancing to duke it out in the second round. Registration will remain open another day and then I'll start the tournement.  Best of luck and enjoy!
Chess Movie

Chess Movie

mattchess | May 29, 2013
We have been invited to a screening of the film "Computer Chess." See message with instructions to get ticket below. Hello, My name is Dan Hudson and I'm the Marketing/PR Associate working on COMPUTER CHESS. This is a great film that I really want as many people to come and see as possible, so I'm inviting computer programmers and chess enthusiasts from all over Seattle to come to this special screening. This Sundance award-winner by mumblecore comedy pioneer Andrew Bujalski was shot compl...