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Silman Fans & Fanatics

Silman Fans & Fanatics

Founded: Jan 10, 2012
Members: 217
This group is for players who are inspired by the writings of Jeremy Silman and who strive to incorporate his ideas into their games, particularly his chess strategies based on recognizing the imbalances present in any position. We have study groups and open threads to which we contribute whenever anything of interest comes along: "Silman Chess Mentor Courses, Silman Articles on chess.com, Book Reviews, etc.".____ Silman: "I'm often asked why I got into professional chess. I always answer in the same way: "For the money and the women!" Why would I say that? Because, there is no money and there are no women. In other words, it's another metaphor for, "I play because the game is everything to me. I know there's no fortune to be had, or cheerleaders screaming in bliss as I push my Rooks down the board. I play because I have to play ... I play because it's in my blood and has become a part of me ... I play because chess makes me happy."


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