Solihull Chess Club

Solihull, UK
Sep 27, 2013
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Mar 21, 2023
Nov 7, 2022
Good evening
Dec 19, 2021
Hi all we host our own chess club every Fridays from 18:30 at meeple mayhem, 226 Monument Road Birmingham B16 8UZ all age and levels welcome with a great relaxed atmosphere
Dec 10, 2021
Any over the board games/meet ups done in the Solihull area?
Nov 28, 2021
Solihull Chess Club

Solihull Chess Club

KRO1975 | Jul 17, 2021
Hi all Solihull online members. If you are not already aware, Solihull Chess Club has re-opened for over the board adult chess, at 7.15 pm on Wednesdays at Blossomfield Club in Solihull. We welcome the return of existing members and would like to also welcome new members, with league chess returning this autumn. We are in the process of finalising league teams, so if you are keen to play over the board league chess please contact Julian Summerfield ASAP on 07929 111060. We are presently work...
World Chess League - Opening Match vs Kosicky - Sign Up!

World Chess League - Opening Match vs Kosicky - Sign Up...

samtile | Dec 16, 2016
The match is now finalised so please sign up!
Division 4D match open

Division 4D match open

samtile | Dec 10, 2016
I've just accepted the division 4 match! 
New vote chess game

New vote chess game

samtile | Oct 10, 2014
New vote chess game:
New team chess match

New team chess match

samtile | Oct 10, 2014
Hi All, New team match open for registration: