Square Off Owners

Dec 22, 2021
11 hrs ago
chatxs; jimsav444 I like to use BOTs occasionally for practice when I specifically want to practice against a specific colour. Here's how I get SOP to record my moves playing a BOT as opponent. I setup my SOP game on my iPhone, as a face-to-face game. I initiate my BOT game in chess.com on my iPad and play the game on my iPad against the BOT. Each move I duplicate manually on my SOP board. When my game has ended I save the SOP game and then import it to chess.com for analysis. Cheers Doug
2 days ago
chatxs - I wanted to do this also, but am pretty sure that is still not possible (unfortunately). As an alternative, I play vs the bots in the Chess Dojo Android app, then import the PGN file into Chess.com for analysis. I hope they allow for the ability to play vs the Chess.com bots at some point.
7 days ago
I know I can play people "live" on Chess.com using my Square Off Pro set....BUT is there some way to play Chess.com bots via Square Off Pro, so my moves and the bot's moves are linked to my Square Off Pro board, just as they are when I play a person "live"...? I've tried to search for this topic but no luck so far...thanks!
30 days ago
Would anyone be interested in troubleshooting setting up the SOP to play a game through Chess.com?
30 days ago
Are you using the Square Off Pro mobile app?