Start your own group!

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Jan 24, 2009
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Now is a great time to join a group of like minded people who love chess. Or...start your own group. With that said, get to the game! (and may the force be with you) This former group has been dismantled for the id protection and online safety of students. The group administrator encourages former and current team members to be careful online, not to use your real name, real location, or have any of that stuff or any info on display connected with where you go to school. Make sure as well to conduct yourself with honor at ll times. The administrator of this group, a teacher, is essentially closing his account, and will not be logging in or checking messages but he wishes all the best and advises: Chess is a battle, yes, it's just a game, but it's also a model of how you approach tough situations, battles if you will, and with that said, so it is like life. You have to think clearly, you have to look ahead, anticipate, you have to have honor. Good game to all and to all a good game.