Stuyvesant Chess Club

New York, NY
Jan 20, 2013
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Feb 19, 2014
final call to join the match. it will begin on friday.
Feb 16, 2014
Sorry, I made a new account a while back. Please expel me from the group on this one.
Feb 15, 2014
does anyone have samuel's contact info? he hasn't logged on in 3 months and i wanted to reach out to see if he'd like to join our first match.
Feb 13, 2014
sorry this took so long. this is our first match. hope everyone can participate, and then perhaps we can grow the group as we get some activity going.
Jan 24, 2014
Hi all! Sorry this group hasn't been active. I will set up our first match within a week to get things started and put out a note in the alumni spectator to join the group. Please try to participate as much as possible because our numbers are small. Thanks!
Join Team NY

Join Team NY

joongchoi | May 22, 2017
Hi all, I'm now admin for Team New York, and would like to build it up into a strong team with your help.  I know many of you guys don't care much for correspondence chess, but if you might consider playing together on a larger team against other states in the annual USTCL tournament, please join at . Thanks! Joong