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May 8, 2021
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This club will be used to post related chess and have created it to improve chess of everyone along with my improvements. I am not a professional player but during pandemic started playing it and now wanted to spread it as much as possible.

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I hope you will enjoy this very new club!

And I am sure you will be a better chess player after some time here.

We are having U-12 National Champion @Maryi_mon from Colambia.


thumbup.pngI respect!! First of all, respect !! If you want to be respected, respect too !!!

thumbup.png Play the tournaments

thumbup.png Write the inconveniences or doubts

The bad:

thumbdown.png  Do not cheat

thumbdown.png Don't underestimate yourself 

thumbdown.png Don't Spam

thumbdown.png Do not write rude or offensive

thumbdown.png Do not do bullying 

For Super Administrators, Administrators, Coordinators

thumbdown.png Do not abuse your power, we can take it away

thumbup.png Do tournaments

thumbup.png Play tournaments from time to time

thumbup.png Talk to users

thumbup.png Welcome


Any breach of these rules will result in expulsion !!!!!