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Team Chess Lovers

Team Chess Lovers

Founded: Apr 17, 2011
Members: 1,788
The team chess lovere is a group for the people who love chess and who love to play and learn chess. "A True chess player is a combination of a Beast of prey and a Monk." *A. Alekhine* For us, chess is all about fun, friendship, challenges and a battle of wits through chess. Being a fairly small and intimate group, you won't be bombarded with alerts and junk mail. Once every couple weeks we will invite you to a new match that you may join or not. No qualifications. No requirements except to have fun.


  • Online Jun 29, 2018

    Liem Hu Sen | Selangor, Malaysia

    Joined Club: Jul 13, 2012

  • Online 22 hrs ago

    georgi stoilov | Wixom Michigan USA, Bulgaria

    Joined Club: Apr 17, 2011

  • Online Dec 7, 2015

    Edgar Manuel | Valley Glen, CA, United States

    Joined Club: Oct 15, 2011

  • Online Sep 14, 2018

    visweshvaran v | coimbatore, India

    Joined Club: Dec 23, 2012

  • Online Apr 20, 2013

    Knightz Mhier | Manila, Philippines

    Joined Club: Dec 28, 2012


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