Team Dominican Republic

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Jun 29, 2009
805 Events Played

Welcome to Team Dominican Republic "TDR Chess Club". This is a  group that represents the Dominican Republic in We are members of The World League, Pan-American League, Live Chess Panamerican League, Team Match Championship League and much more!! Formed exclusively by Dominicans no matters where they are. Come and join us !! Quisqueya needs you !! This is the Home of our Champions IM José Lisandro Guzmán Santana, FM Carlos Paul Abreu and many more. We have the best players of our country. Come and make new friends and enjoy everything we have prepared for you!!

¡¡Que viva la República Dominicana!!

¡¡Que viva nuestra hermosa QUISQUEYA!!!! 

We have a WhatsApp Group exclusively for our members its call: TDR's Check or Mate

Come a join us by this admission link:

This is our YouTube Channel please subscribe and share with yours friends.

Tambien tenemos como 2da. Sucursal nuestra comunidad Virtual de Ajedrecistas Dominicanos en la plataforma de exclusivamente para nuestros miembros del TDR Chess Club 

Haz tu solicitud dándole a este link :

Anímate y vuelvete un CazaTalentos para nuestro equipo!!! Ayudanos a buscar mas Ajedrecistas Dominicanos comparte esta información y este link para adquirir mas miembros: