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Team F1

Team F1

Founded: May 12, 2010
Members: 10
This is the group for very fast players. The time limit is generally put at 2 hours, except for some exceptions! LoL! (this can be modified at any moment though ).The group's philosophy is to play chess to the death ( not literally mind) - and not by lagging it to wherever when the going gets tough. No vacation time is permitted. If a player's time drops below the required level , the player may be removed. All those in agreement say, yah! And welcome!


  • Online Nov 18, 2017

    esmani Mani | Johor Bahru, Malaysia

    Joined Club: May 12, 2010

  • Online 30 days ago

    Seymour Irby,III | Mobile, Alabama, United States

    Joined Club: May 14, 2010


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