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Team Gujarat

Team Gujarat

Gujarat Founded: Nov 26, 2009
Members: 92
Hello to all of you chess enthusiasts from Gujarat! This is a group for all of us to come together under one roof. To start with, we are planning to play some interstate matches against other states of India. As and when we grow, we will start playing team matches and vote chess agaist other teams as well. We will also have some discussions on chess like strategies/puzzles etc. So, come join and show the world what we have got!


  • Online 12 hrs ago

    anil choksi | surat, India

    Joined Club: Nov 26, 2009

  • Online Feb 25, 2016

    Nayan Patel | San Jose, United States

    Joined Club: Jan 25, 2010

  • Online Mar 13, 2015

    Ramji Awasthi | DEESA(BK) GUJARAT, India

    Joined Club: Nov 27, 2009

  • Online Mar 3, 2013

    pulkit ramji awasthi | GuJarat, India

    Joined Club: Nov 27, 2009


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