Team Ireland

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Oct 19, 2008
1,078 Events Played

This is the club representing Ireland in the World League.  It is for those who would like to participate in match play for World League and European League.  Members already in another World League team will be removed!  The World League is the official league of international team matches. Countries battle it out in fierce team competition, with an internal ranking system and all-inclusive rating divisions.   Admission Requirements:

- You need to be a member of for 3 months.  - 90 days or more.

- You need to have played 40 - 50 3 day per move Daily Games, either standard or 960 combined ; games from Rapid, Blitz, and odd variants do not count towards admission.

- Your timeout % needs to be less than 25%, which means you need to play out your games to resign, stalemate, draw or Win.  Refusing to move when in a losing position is not acceptable for league  players.

- please do not join more than  40 clubs;  your teams support will be spread too thin.

- members of national teams playing in World League and European League may not play for any other national team playing in these leagues during the same year.  So if you join another team playing World League you need to decide to play for just 1, and quit playing W.L. matches for the other.