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Dec 22, 2014
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This is the group of North Koreans. The citizens of the most powerful country in the universe. We showed the world that we are great, relentless and tough warriors of our leader the Great Kim Dzong Un! NOW IT'S TIME TO SHOW THAT WE ARE ALSO THE BEST CHESS PLAYERS! Let the poor americans play against us before we destroy their country!

You finally realize your dreams. You have a nationalist pride, and a train ticket to Pyongyang. Your overjoyed heart overflowed at that time. Then when you drive along Chong'jin, suddenly the radio is playing. "Let's restore the memories when Kim Il-Sung proposed Songbun, "SONGUN!" (military first). Then one of your favorite propaganda songs is played at 6:00 AM. Then you hear their angel's voice. Kim Jong-un. And after that the song 'Where Are You, Dear General?' played on the radio. While driving, you do not realize your tears suddenly fall, you get carried away emotionally while listening to the song.


Because the song reminds you of your previous inspiration story. You then remember, when you screamed, and yelled at the sight of their MV, when Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un hand-picked sixteen Korean women for the Moranbong Band, North Koreas' first major girl band, when you were jealous because your friend got to sing the hymn Onwards Toward the Final Victory, when you saluted your Kim family poster as you daydreamed , when you laugh at Korea's victory over South Korea, when you cry as you commemorate Kim Jong-il's death and sees very wounded Korean soldiers abandoned by American scum, when you are singing their song and your friends laugh very loudly because you are singing with the lyrics too loudly, when you want to learn their dance choreography, when you imagine going to their fanmeeting and saluting them, when North Korean music becomes an inspiration for your chauvinism, when you smile in pride because of the photos of Kim Jong-un and comrades, when you get excited when they get the award and they shout "Long Live Kim Jong-un", when you cry because you do not have enough money to buy concert tickets to the Spring is Coming concert on November 1-3, 2018, when you wish you and a high-Songbun person marry.


§1: Communication

1. Forbidden:

1.1.1: Spam, flood

1.1.2: Talk about real world politics

1.1.3: Condemning a person for his nationality, racism

1.1.4: Talk about vulgarity, 18+ topics

1.1.5: Insult someone

1.1.6: Ask for a promotion

1.1.7: Frame someone

1.1.8 Support N*zism, LGBTQ+

1.1.9: Advertise something without permission

2. Allowed:

1.2.1: Polite communication

1.2.2: Create your own club activities

1.2.3: Complain about a person for breaking the law

1.2.4: Advertise something with official permission of leader or super-admin.

1.2.5: Suggest new laws and ideas for the empire

1.2.6: Invite people, play matches, etc. 

§2: Chess

1. Forbidden:

2.1.1: Cheating in chess games

2.1.2: Disrespect your opponent

2.1.3: Deliberately lose games in matches or make a losing move in vc games

2.1.4: Purposely delay games in matches

2. Allowed:

2.2.1: Advertise a club match or vc game

2.2.2: Invite a person to play a match or vc game

2.2.3: Suggest your moves in vc games

§3: Rules for admins

1. Forbidden:

3.1.1: Without the leader's permission change the name, description, logo, background of the club

3.1.2: Ban, demote, promote or kick a person without a good reason and without the leader's permission

3.1.3: Give your official permission for advertise something. 

3.1.4: Be bribed.

2. Allowed:

3.2.1: Mute the person who violated the law from §1 and report to me. If anyone has violated the rule from §2 just let me know. Say the nickname and say what rule does he broke.

3.2.2: Make your own matches, vc games, etc.

3.2.3: Make your own articles, forums, create club activities, etc.

Violation of any law will be punished by 3 days mute  

There will be 4 warnings -

1- 3 days mute

2- 7 days mute

3- 2 weeks mute

4- 1 month mute

5 (not a warning) - kicked out for 2 months then invited back. Your wish accept it or not.

6(also not a warning)- Banned