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Team Norway

Team Norway

Location: Norway
Founded: Dec 26, 2008
Members: 1,152

Bli med i Team Norway som har representert Norge i Europaligaen og Verdensligaen siden 2008! Delta i interne turneringer og spill online, vote chess og chess960 for Norge. Team Norway er åpent for alle som er norske eller har tilknytning til Norge. Join Team Norway, who have represented Norway in the World League and European League since 2008. Partake in Internal Tournaments, and play online, vote chess and chess960 for Norway. All Norwegians and others with a link to Norway are welcome.


  • Online 2 days ago

    Trondheim, Norway

    Joined Club: Mar 9, 2009

  • Online 10 hrs ago

    Andrew Nicholls | Tønsberg, Norway

    Joined Club: Jun 11, 2010

  • Online 43 min ago

    Petter Ulleland | Drammen, Norway

    Joined Club: Dec 3, 2015


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