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Apr 12, 2022
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Next KOP Chess Club Meetup on Tuesday March 7th at 6:30

Next KOP Chess Club Meetup on Tuesday March 7th at 6:30

FoleyF1 | Feb 22, 2023
Hello Team Philly- We had a great inaugural event at the KOP Grill and Tavern on Tuesday with over 24 KOP Chess Club members in attendance.  We will be playing chess every 2 weeks, with the next meetup being Tuesday March 7th at 6:30.  Our venue, the KOP Grill and Diner has welcomed up with open arms and ice cold beer!  Everybody had a great time on Tuesday so please try to come out on March 7th to make some new friends, play some great chess and enjoy great food and drink!  You can join the...
King of Prussia Chess Club - On Meetup!

King of Prussia Chess Club - On Meetup!

FoleyF1 | Feb 9, 2023
Hello Team Philadelphia! Just wanted to let everybody know that I have just started an new OTB Meetup Group, the King of Prussia Chess Club.  Please join the group on  Our first event will be on Tuesday, February 21st at 6:30 PM.  We will be meeting at our new "home court", the King of Prussia Grill and Tavern in of course, King of Prussia, PA.  The KOP Tavern is a great spot, with ice cold beers, great food, shuffleboard, darts, pool and a ton of TV's with all the games playing....
Homepage Change!

Homepage Change!

TwoTheAnalyst | Jan 22, 2023
Hey all - I posted a comment last week asking folks how they'd feel if I updated the homepage so that the default items displayed on the homepage were: Announcements Forum Posts Events (instead of Notes/Chat). Nobody replied to my comment, though I did get one upvote.  Given that nobody opposed the idea of making this change, I've gone ahead and implemented it.  The idea is that we can (hopefully) start getting more eyes on announcements, make it easy to start playing Vote Chess (or club ...
OTB Chess @ Philadelphia Libraries (and other safe places!)

OTB Chess @ Philadelphia Libraries (and other safe plac...

TwoTheAnalyst | Jan 14, 2023
Hey all - just wanted to re-post @ThatGoodKnight's most recent forum post on over-the-board chess meetups (specifically at any of the many branches of the Free Library of Philadelphia). Folks, I've seen many people trying to organize informal OTB chess opportunities, and I want to put in a plug for local libraries, especially the Philadelphia Free Library. Librarians get very happy about people organizing events in their spaces, as it increases their numbers for reporting activity (and pr...
First "Vote Chess" Game Started!

First "Vote Chess" Game Started!

TwoTheAnalyst | Apr 13, 2022
Hey all - our first Vote Chess game has begun.  Join up at!  Let's get some games under our belts!