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Team Phoenix

Phoenix,AZ Founded: Aug 11, 2012
Members: 78
Team Phoenix represents the Major cities of Phoenix, Tuscon and Flagstaff, Arizona and all it's outlying communities in the World Cities League, and also the North American Cities and Small States/Provinces Team Match League. Members who join must adhere to the Members Code of Conduct and not represent more than one of any World Cities League group at a time. We will be playing match and 960 games against other groups around the world in addition to our League matches. view our video here-- http://blog.chess.com/Corvidae_Corvus/team-phoenix-now-recruiting


  • Online 1 day ago

    Tucson AZ, United States

    Joined Club: Aug 12, 2012

  • Online 1 hr ago

    Joel Johnson | Phoenix, Arizona, United States

    Joined Club: Mar 23, 2015

  • Online Jun 20, 2017

    Bill Daly | New Mexico, United States

    Joined Club: Jan 22, 2013


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