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Team Puerto Rico and Olivari friends

Team Puerto Rico and Olivari friends

Location: Borinquen
Founded: Dec 29, 2008
Members: 363

This group is established to form a team of players and friends from all around the world that will represent Puerto Rico in International team matches. It will be the first of its' kind on this site. If you are of Puerto Rican decent we invite you to join and represent our beloved Island. Everyone is welcome here in this group! Este grupo esta establecido para todo aquel Puertorriqueño y amigos de alrededor del mundo que quieran participar y representar el orgullo patriótico y a nuestro grupo amistoso. Este grupo es Bilingue. Olivari777 "Super Admin"


  • Online 11 hrs ago

    Puerto Rico

    Joined Club: Mar 4, 2014

  • Online 15 hrs ago

    Rich Rodriguez | Johns island, sc, United States

    Joined Club: May 2, 2011

  • Online 8 hrs ago

    Salvador Ramos | San Juan, Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico

    Joined Club: Mar 2, 2012

  • Online 12 days ago

    Jose Ruiz | Ponce, Puerto Rico

    Joined Club: Mar 25, 2013

  • Online 13 hrs ago

    Papi El Cucho | Ponce, Puerto Rico

    Joined Club: Jan 10, 2014

  • Online 2 hrs ago

    Félix A. Olivari | Puerto Rico

    Joined Club: May 27, 2013

  • Online 14 days ago

    elide rios | Esperanza-Santa Fe de la Veracruz, Argentina

    Joined Club: Jan 28, 2018

  • Online 1 day ago

    Mônaco Sueden Teixeira | Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

    Joined Club: Apr 13, 2017


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