Team Slovakia

Founded: Jan 18, 2009
Members: 693
This is the group representing Slovakia in the World League (WL) and European League (EL). Members can only play and represent one Country in the WL & EL and are encouraged to fly their flag accordingly. Members already playing with a different country team in the official WL & EL games, will be removed! The WL & EL are the official leagues of international team matches where Countries battle it out in fierce team competition using an internal ranking system. We also want to play Team matches and Team Vote chess matches against other national teams. Feel free to join this group if you come from Slovakia! ;-)


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    Erik Stetina | Trnava, Slovakia

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    Bratislava, Slovakia

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    Jozef Bokor | Trnava, Slovakia

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    Peter Prochazka | Poprad, Slovakia

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    Miroslav Chytra | Vranov nad Topľou, Slovakia

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    JAROSLAV/Jerry Lewis 🙇 | Melbourne, Australia, Košice, Slovakia

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