Team Swaziland

83 Members
Jun 21, 2009
12 Events Played

This is the group representing ''Swaziland'' in the World League. It is for players who would like to play in daily team matches. Members NOT from this country/region will be removed. You can join this team if you are from Swaziland or have strong ties to the country. You must participate and be ACTIVE.
The World League is the official league of international team matches. Countries battle it out in fierce team competition, with an internal ranking system and all-inclusive rating divisions!

Kimeru – igua wamukiri mono
Hausa – maraba
Kinyarwanda – Ikaze
Chichewa – takulandirani
Yao – twapochere
Zulu – sijkwamukela
Swahili – Karibu
Hausa – barka dai
Yoruba – Bawo ni
Shuwa – gayyaltu afé
Afrikaans – welkom
Mandinka – é nima naata khayro kono