Team Wales-Cymru

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Sep 16, 2007
857 Events Played

Welcome to Team Wales! This is the group representing Wales in the World League and European League.

In order to join this club you will need to have been a site member for at least 12 months, be over 16 years of age and have played a minimum of 10 Daily games. In addition, you should have a connection with Wales.

Members are allowed to represent only one country in the World League in a given season and are encouraged to fly their flag accordingly. Please note that members already playing with a different country team in official World League games, will not be able to play for Team Wales. The World League is the official league of international team matches where Countries battle it out in fierce team competition using an internal ranking system.

The club aims to provide a friendly home for all Welsh (/those connected to Wales) players at and is bilingual, although there's no requirement to be able to speak Welsh.