The A and D Club 2.0.

Welcome to The A and D Club 2.0! Why should you join?

trophies.png Solve our daily puzzles and win trophies!

clubs.png We will be playing International (a mix of players from all of the world) in the world chess and play against other teams

tournaments.png Play daily chess, vote chess, and club matches against teams and other communities!

forums.png Make forums what ever go's with chess.

friends.png Stay in touch with people from all over the world and make friends!

chesspawn.png Get hired by our jobs: Tactics maker tactics.png, Club invite person clubs.png. and News/Blog maker articles.png! Get trophies.png's for doing your job! If you want to know more read:!

(If you need help we are happy to help!)

This is a club for Tiled Players, Rated Players, and everyone from around the world!!! Our goal is to reach 1,000 members! So please make it happen! Will have all sorts of tournaments: tactics.png tournaments, post your best game tournaments, and more sorts of tournaments!

We have a Tactics Con. so please join that!

We also have news made by Hypnoticdemon! 

I will also make news. (If you want to be blog/news make PM me!)

Here is the International Chess Federation link:

We may make  news from the things happening in ICF. I think only you can search up the IM's and GM's. We will play rapid, 3 check, Chess 930, and more! SO PLEASE JOIN THIS CLUB!!! 

 * Special offer* If you join and message me I will give you 20 trophies!!! Thanks a lot!!! 

(Chess pawn and the International flag means everyone from all over the world can join!)




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