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Eternity // Founded: May 22, 2012
Members: 4,672
Hi generals! This is a group for serious players who want to be in complete charge of this game. So we aim to have all kinds of activities that a chess group should have and do everything appropriate for chess improvement. We will have team, vote chess and tournament matches, forums that cover training of all aspects of chess besides music to relax, nice photography, humour, literature, poetry, chat, etc.. Meanwhile we claim to have one of the best forum and news sections among all groups around this site available for chess training too. Fischer said "chess is war over the board" so join us and be a general and master of this game.


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    John Warren | United Kingdom

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    Amir A. | Klc, Croatia

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    Jeff Rodgers | Playing Chess in Cyber Space :)), United States

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    United States

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    east shore upper mississippi river, International

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    Adrian Recinos III | Galveston, TX, United States

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