The Chess Vikings

Welcome! The Chess Vikings is a very active group. We compete in daily leages such as Team Match Champions League (TMCL), TMCL960, and 1WL. We have a great vote chess department. We have a very active forum and notes. Join us if you want to contribute and be involved. We want no cheaters in this group! You must be on this site for three months to join. If you want to bypass this rule, add it to your application. 

For vote chess: 

Please DO the following: 

  1. Comment on the games, giving suggested moves or strategies.  Giving your analysis and getting feedback from stronger players is a great way to learn.  And you might help us find the best move; teamwork is very important.
  2. Feel free to question stronger players; it's a great way to learn, and you might pick up on something they missed.  
  3. Wait to vote until the last 24 hours or so; this gives time for people to comment with their analysis of the position. The more people we have looking at a position, the better our chances of coming up with the best move.  The later you vote, the more comments you can see and take into account as you decide what move to vote for.
  4. If we are coming up to the deadline and we still have no consensus on the best move, feel free to post on the TCV main page with a link to the game asking for input.
  5. I like to go to the main vote chess page (under the Play menu, click "Vote Chess") and vote on everything with a deadline in the next 24 hours.
  6. Read the comments before voting. 

Please do NOT do the following:

  1. Vote early, unless you won't be able to vote closer to the deadline.  You can't change your vote, and if you vote early, you miss the benefit of all the comments that come after your vote.
  2. Vote for a move that has not been discussed in the discussion thread for the move. If you want to play a move that has not been mentioned, add a comment explaining why you think it's a good move, so that other players can consider it too. First move is free though. 
  3. Vote without looking at the opinions of the players in the comments. 
  4. Use an engine to help you come up with a good move.  This is cheating and can get you banned from the site.


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