The Golden Phoenix

520 Members
Sep 1, 2018
385 Events Played

The Phoenix is a mythical bird that rises or is born, from its own ashes.  

"A mysterious fire flashes from its eye, and a flaming aureole enriches its head. Its crest shines with the sun's own light and shatters the darkness with its calm brilliance. Its legs are of Tyrian purple; swifter than those of the Zephyrs are its wings of flower-like blue dappled with rich gold." -- Phoenix, by Claudian, 400 A.D


We aim to be a place of fun both in chess and off the board. Here we bring together all those who aspire to show or improve their chess abilities in a friendly and encouraging atmosphere.

We concentrate on Daily matches, in tournaments amongst members and team matches against other clubs, including leagues such as TMCL.

We have a strict policy against cheating. We ask that engine users do not apply. We actively check all players and report suspicious accounts.