The Killer Derivatives

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Feb 12, 2011
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(No advertising w/o admin permission please). We are a group that is aiming to become the strongest vote chess group on! We are ranked#16 on the vote leaderboard, and we have beaten many strong teams such as Chess School (#1) , PHILIPPINES' FINEST Chess Club (#2), Chess Champ (#3), The Power of Chess (ranked #4), TURK CHESS PLAYERS(#6), Chess Society (#12), , Chess Unlimited, and countless others! As a group, we value quality of our games over quantity. In other words, we prefer focusing in a few games instead of playing many games. This allows us to strategize and improve our playing skills more. Also, as our name implies, The Killer Derivatives is a group which wants people who are interested in math and we like math-related and math-friendly topics. Currently, our win ratio is 63%. The only requirement for this group is for all members to be part of this site for at least six months. Please join this group to be part of's strongest vote chess group!