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The Magnus Carlsen Group

Founded: Mar 14, 2013
Members: 1,089
Magnus means Great in latin so Magnus Carlsen means Great Carlsen, So far he has lived up to his name! Carlsen Magnus was the third youngest GM in history at an age of 13 years, 4 months, 27 days! He has become the highest rated player in history before he reached 25 (years old) and he is now the world triple chess champion. This is a group where we discuss his games and himself. We find out his strategies and then use them to win team matches and become the best in chess.com just like Magnus did!


  • Online 3 hrs ago

    Daniel Oyola | Cobija, Pando, Bolivia

    Joined Club: Mar 31, 2013

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    Robin Karlsson | Sweden

    Joined Club: Mar 27, 2014

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    Ohio, United States

    Joined Club: Apr 13, 2014


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