The Official Union Club Alliance

26 Members
Aug 1, 2022
1 Event Played

Please join this club if you are in any of the following clubs:

Always Take the Shot

The Club of Friendship

The Chess Special Forces

King of 64

Road to IM

The Bests of the Chess Board

Random Thoughts 

Quench your Thirst

Good Chess

The Global Chess Club 

Average Chess Players

The Aerial Attacjers

The Agents of Chess

       The goal, the idea behind this club is to create a community oriented alliance of clubs, to grow all our clubs and bring members together. Here, we want to become one large team. This has nothing to do with Club Wars or Medieval Wars, but everything to do with being a general alliance in favor of having fun and working as a team.

      Once this club grows enough, we will have lots and lots of tournaments, vote chess, and matches which should actually start, because this club is a mixing of a few amazing and sizable clubs. So, please join us today to become a part of the first known club alliance! we thank you for considering and we hope to see you in the club!