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The Opening Group

The Opening Group

Founded: Aug 10, 2013
Members: 41
This group is about learning openings to STANDARD and 960CHESS games! The main goal of this group is to get our members, not to just memorize openings, but understand WHY those moves are made. We believe this will teach members to play well even if there opponent deviates from an opening line( which is very common.) All ratings and ages are welcome. Even if you are highly rated, you will benefit from this group. We love members who express there thoughts and love to prove their point. Freedom of Speech is encouraged. We are looking for people who want to exchange ideas and improve there game. Training is a must if you seek to be the best player you can be. This is a relaxed group as well. No one can learn if they feel pressure. We make sure our environment is calm, educational and fun at the same time.


  • Online 8 hrs ago

    Åsmund Hammerstad | Norway

    Joined Club: Aug 17, 2013

  • Online 4 hrs ago

    Chess Player | Chi City, United Kingdom

    Joined Club: Aug 11, 2013

  • Online 1 day ago

    Anusherishikeshwaran | karur,tamil nadu, India

    Joined Club: Aug 10, 2013


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