The Optimum

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Nov 17, 2011
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Welcome to Optimum, stronghold of the selected few that have been admitted into its ranks. Those that have been chosen are expected to be trustworthy and ethical. Any who deviate from this one, crucial rule are then no longer seen as an Optimum, but one who is against it. We are up to the challenge of any withstanding obstacles. Good luck to those who face us in the midst of battle - Optimum will hold its ground! ♖♘♗♕♔♗♘♖ Pertaining to competitive activities, The Optimum has defeated many powerful teams, such as THE POWER OF CHESS. We participate in speed vote chess games every 2-5 weeks! **We are now trying to get back on our feet after a period of relative inactivity. If you would like to help, please join in and offer up any ideas that you have to help. TS**