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The Pinnacle of Art

The Pinnacle of Art

Inside of the Art Founded: Jun 26, 2009
Members: 54
This is a group for anybody who appreciates art, whether it be a drawing, music, photography, homemade movies, a painting, or even a poem! We accept art about virtually all subjects - not exclusively chess! This group is about being free to express yourself via a form of art. So, when you join this group, be ready to feel unbounded and expressive! And remember, artists: HAVE FUN!


  • Online 11 hrs ago

    Mark Wilkinson | Grand Bahama, Bahamas

    Joined Club: Jun 26, 2009

  • Online Apr 16, 2016

    Wil Wonder | Nassau, Bahamas

    Joined Club: Jul 11, 2009

  • Online Aug 28, 2013

    matt David | Dallas, Texas, United States

    Joined Club: Jul 10, 2009


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