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The Rook-ies <1200

The Rook-ies <1200

Founded: May 14, 2012
Members: 169
Welcome to the Rook-ies! We have been idle as a group for a while but are trying to bring it back to life. This group is for the people that love chess, are trying to improve, but sometimes feel out gunned by higher rated, more experienced players. If your rating is less than 1200, here you can find similarly rated players to play and improve your game. After you Join, please contribute to our forum's, introduce yourself and offer suggestions for what you'd like to see here. Here we live by the Golden Rule to treat others as we'd want to be treated. With respect. By participating within the Rook-ies, you agree to abide by this standard. here.


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    Mike Thomas | Utah, United States

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