The Triple Fork

615 Members
Mar 4, 2013
318 Events Played
** match acceptance, No auto start, 2 game format, ratings are to be competitive** Welcome to The Triple Fork the idea behind this group is the power of the knight in chess. As the name already implies, we want to form a group with all sorts of different levels, but with one common goal: to have members who put their best foot forward and who strive to treat every game as if it were the most important, to make this group the most successful group in Not by just thinking in the individual aspect of the game, but to experience being part of a great group. while playing chess in many aspects as an individual activity, but part of a cohesive group. A group stands or falls with the participation of its members. In The Triple Fork, you can suggest which other groups we challenge and decide which games you prefer to support, vote, 960, standard or thematic. Finally, we strive to have a friendly and sociable group and strive to become one of the top groups here at