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Jun 29, 2010
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THE ULTIMATE CHESS NINJAS Welcome to the ninja hideout ! This is where skilled ninjas come to play chess! With mighty power, we can destroy anyone who stands against us! We are looking for more skilled ninjas like YOU to join the Ultimate Chess Ninjas. The Ultimate Chess Ninjas has more than 795 members. We have team matches regular chess and 960 chess for you to pick. We have vote chess assisted by some of the best vote chess masters. The Ultimate Chess Ninjas have won many of team matches and vote chess games. We have over 50 team matches and over 5 vote chess games. We have a several games including riddles, puzzles, chess ladders, number pyramids,and more! There are tons of forums for everyone to participate in! If you want to learn more about chess, you can get a Ninja Mentor! Don't get left out! Join the ninjas! Join in the fun now! So why hesitate? Join the Ultimate Chess Ninjas now! Become a winning player today! ~~NINJAS~~