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Thematic Team

Thematic Team

Founded: Jun 4, 2016
Members: 205

The Thematic Team is a team that strives to win and have fun. We play in many daily thematic team matches,live team matchs, vote chess, and a monthly tournament only for our great members. We will eventually make it on the leaderboard with the top teams since we are filled with great players and many events. Please join this great team, and have fun! Also check out our website, where we have team news and upcoming tournaments. http://thematicteam2016.wixsite.com/chess


  • Online 12 hrs ago

    Isaac Snow | Birmingham, Al, United States

    Joined Club: Jun 4, 2016

  • Online 14 hrs ago

    Ghikas Athanassios | Athens, Greece

    Joined Club: Nov 28, 2016

  • Online 10 hrs ago

    Simon Mara | New York / Prague, Czechia

    Joined Club: Jun 12, 2016


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