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Right_along_the_bottom_of_the_line Founded: May 31, 2010
Members: 17
Society_for_chess.com_members_with_ underscore_in_their_username. The character is used to create an attractive visual spacing within a username, as a white space character is not permitted at chess.com The underscore is not the same character as the dash character, and this society does not permit dash-only members. A series of underscores (like _________) may be used to create a blank to be filled by the viewers imagination. Members with such a sequence are welcome to join the group. The ASCII value of this character is 95. On the standard US or UK 101/102 computer keyboard it shares a key with the hyphen on the top row, to the right of the 0 key.


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    United Kingdom

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    William Brian Blessed Spooner | SHRUBBERY, American Samoa

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