Thousand Oaks Chess Club

169 Members
Jan 9, 2013
106 Events Played

**NOTE: This online club is completely INACTIVE. You may join but there's really no point. 

See for info on IN-PERSON gatherings!





This is the official group for the Thousand Oaks Chess Club! We are a brick-and-mortar club that meets on Monday evenings in Thousand Oaks, CA. Our primary events are one-round-per-week US Chess rated tournaments.

For more info visit our website at:


Here on we hold live tournaments, daily tournaments and matches, vote chess and more.

Note that this group is semi-private. It is only open to club members, local players, or others that we know in person.

If you have physically visited our club, live in the TO area, or have friends here, go ahead and apply to join! Please tell me who you are for verification purposes. I will then approve you. See you soon! grin.png


--Nick (TOCC President/TD)