Thousand Oaks Chess Club

  • The Thousand Oaks Chess Club meets every Monday evening from 6:00-8:45 pm, in the Black Sage Room of the Goebel Senior Center. We welcome all chess players of any age or skill level. We have casual chess games, and rated tournaments! Tournaments are in the format one round per week, for usually 5 weeks.  After one tourney finishes, we have a few weeks in between to analyze games and play casual games, then the next one starts! Check our website for more information, including when the next tournament starts, or if we have any special events (like money-prize blitz tournaments or master simuls)! We have an average of over 40 players turnout each week. You can come any time during our hours. Feel free to contact me here on (Wizard_Chess97) with any questions, if you don't find them answered on our website. Hope to see you there! Smile

       Goebel Adult Community Center
       1385 E. Janss Road
       Thousand Oaks, California
       United States

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