Tluc Eht Agency

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May 7, 2023
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Disclaimer: None of this club is meant to be taken seriously. Despite the name, this club is not a cult and will not be used or taken seriously. This club is a work of fun. Thank you. -Advised by my lawyer but this is meant to be taken seriously 

Tluc Eht Agency

Our Agency wants to change world history, for better and for worse. We will change humanity with no one noticing. Our beginnings of this Agency and plan to take over the world start here, with you. Join us on your journey to overthrow the laws of today's world and replace it with our new ideals.

Required to join:

  • Account over 3 weeks
  • Known by either the owner, an SA or an admin
  • Account with over 15 games played
  • Active in atleast 1 other club
  • Does not hate our ideals



Join us, you will not regret it.